Slim Office Partition with Easy Set Up | iCAB | Webber

Webber offers office partition with slim top panel and easy set-up for a more comfortable and private workspace. The iCAB partition comes in different colour and size. Shop for the best one for your office now.

Slim Office Partition with Easy Set Up | iCAB | Webber

When it comes to the office partitions, we think about various factors before going for furniture. Finding an ideal partition is too tough because offices differ in their shapes, sizes, and area. We also look for various characteristics in the desired office partition. Some of the characteristics are stability, transparency that would allow the light, and of course how economical it is. Before buying one, you would also consider the factors that your office wants a particular office partition.

Some of the designing factors required by any simple office partitions are listed below:


The main use of partitions is to avoid the noises from one employee to other so that they can get the perfect environment they need for their work.


If you want to use any kind of hangings on your partitions like any kind of office artworks or some quotes for motivations, then you need our partition to be strong and stable to bear the load.


You will get various type of office partitions; now many offices use slim office partitions that are little transparent and allow heat and light to pass but don’t allow noises hence more useful these days.


The office will contain different spaces everywhere, somewhere you would need circle partitions and some places you may need the square and many others according to the shapes. So the partition looks and designing is a must.


This is the most important factor as everyone has a fixed budget that they need to follow and it should be like pay less get more.

If you want to choose an office partition for your office, you would definitely be looking for the best one having all the above factors. But budget decides everything, and here comes the role of Webber. You do not need to compromise with your choices for the budget, get our dreams fulfilled by making your purchase from Webber.

Now slim office partitions are very much in trend; they make your office look very stylish and eye catchy. They are used in offices, shops, and warehouses. You can also customize them according to your needs making them super stylish.

Benefits of building slim office partitions


One of the key advantages of building office partitions is privacy and isolation. Creating partitions reduces noise in one area due to another. It also keeps spaces isolated from each other, thereby making the office environment more peaceful and formal.


The aesthetics of office space are greatly enhanced by adding partitions. They elevate the corporate feel of the space and make it more organized. The color scheme of the slim partitions can be matched with the rest of the office walls and furniture.

3.Practical aspect

Slim office partitions take into consideration the practicality of the office spaces. Office partitions are a relatively modern concept adding to the betterment of the office space as far as looks are concerned.


Office partitions are undoubtedly a cost-effective and viable option to go for when deciding the interiors of the office. It isn’t very convenient to construct separate cabins having solid, full-sized walls for each division. In such cases, partitions act as a budget-friendly way to make the place more ordered and systematic.

Office partitions are certainly very advantageous in an office space as is visible from the above-mentioned benefits. Look into all the factors discussed above and understand the perks it brings along with itself. Look for the types and varieties available and opt for the one that suits your space best.

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Slim top panel & easy set-up. Fit for various office needs.

Cable Management

Panel system allows cables pass through panels to panels to panels under the bottom. Cables can be clip onto the wire hangers easily.

*BU Pin:9mm
*iCab Pin:3mm
Cable trunks available.
High/Low volt isolation.

Metal Panel
Wood Surfaces
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