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Filing Cabinet Series for a Neat Workspace | Webber

The smart design of filing cabinet series in Webber facilitates the handling of documents in office. The three design, SLIMO, iCab and SQUARE are all top notch in the industry, ready to spice up your dream workspace.

Filing Cabinet Series for A Neat Workplace | Webber

Do you have a hard time dealing with papers in your office? Our workplaces are full of papers and documents. The mess is quite obvious when you deal a lot with papers. It becomes almost impossible to keep it clean. Sometime it could even result in the loss of some important files or documents. Have you ever tried to organize it? Or Are you failing to organize it? Filing cabinets series can be a great option for you to clean the mess on your desk. They are designed particularly to organize your folders, files, and documents.

How can a filing cabinet help?

A filing cabinet can be helpful. It is versatile furniture because it can certainly help in more than one ways.

Better management

Managing files and folders becomes easy with a filing cabinet. The compartments in the cabinet help you to sort files according to their category. You can have easy access to all of your files and folders in no time.

Clean desk

If you are just too tired of the mess in your desk, this will solve all such problem. You can easily keep all your paper and documents in the cabinet. You can keep only the necessary documents on your desk and arrange the rest in your cabinet.

No loss of documents

We often lose important documents in a huge lot of papers on our desk. Sometimes, this loss can certainly cost a huge amount to us. Having a filing cabinet will help you keep all your documents safely. So, when you have a cabinet in your workplace, you will never face the complaint of misplaced paper.

Keeps documents in good condition

Filing cabinets also help in keeping all the documents in the most appropriate conditions.

Types of Cabinet

There is a huge variety of cabinets available in the market. You can certainly choose from the huge option. You can choose the cabinets that suits your requirements the best. Here are the few types of cabinet you can bring in your office:

Vertical Cabinet

Vertical cabinets have been into existence for more than years now. They are the most common and traditional type of cabinet. These tall cabinets are used to fulfill a lot of purposes. It is indeed great for storing files and folder. But, you can also keep a bunch of other stuff as well. Some vertical cabinets come with drawers. These drawers are acted like an extra advantage. You can store anything from books to files, Paper to photographs. It certainly makes the process of organizations way too easy.

Lateral File Cabinet

If you seriously wish to make the best use of your office space. Lateral file cabinets are the best option for you. They are not just great regarding organizing papers and folders. These cabinets are perfect if you deal a lot in books and papers. They can help you in having easy and quick access to all of your papers. Lateral File Cabinets are one the most secure way of storing your documents and files.

There are metal and wood cabinets as well. They are both very long lasting and suits almost all type of industry. Webber offers a huge variety of filing cabinets. These cabinets are specifically designed to fulfill your document-related requirements. Some of the majorly loved designs of Webber are SLIMO, iCab, and SQUARE. One can easily feel the high quality of SLIMO cabinets. iCab cabinets have a very smooth, flat and beautiful surface, and no welding spot can be witnessed on the surface. SQUARE cabinets are no different. They also have a very pleasing design and a contrasting color handle as well. Webber is your ultimate destination for all sort of cabinet requirement.

Creative design
Unique,simplicity to modern office

Sliding Cabinet
COT-SC45-0608 W800 x D450 x H695mm
COT-SC45-0710 W1000 x D450 x H745mm
COT-SC45-0812 W1200 x D450 x H850mm
COT-SC45-1208 W800 x D450 x H1250mm
COT-SC45-1610 W1000 x D450 x H1650mm
COT-SC45-2012 W1200 x D450 x H2000mm
COT-SC45-2015 W1500 x D450 x H2000mm
Swing Cabinet
COT-WC45-0608 W800 x D450 x H695mm
COT-WC45-0710 W1000 x D450 x H745mm
COT-WC45-0812 W1200 x D450 x H850mm
COT-WC45-1208 W800 x D450 x H1250mm
COT-WC45-1610 W1000 x D450 x H1650mm
Open Cabinet
COT-OC45-0608 W800 x D450 x H695mm
COT-OC45-0610 W1000 x D450 x H695mm
COT-OC45-0708 W800 x D450 x H745mm
COT-OC45-0710 W1000 x D450 x H745mm
COT-OC45-0810 W1000 x D450 x H850mm
COT-OC45-0812 W1200 x D450 x H850mm
COT-OC45-1212 W1200 x D450 x H1250mm
COT-OC45-1215 W1500 x D450 x H1250mm
W440 x D530 x H525 mm
W440 x D530 x H660 mm
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