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As your professional Hong Kong (HK) Office Furniture designer, Webber has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. From the interior design to furniture, Webber is determined to create your dream workspace.

Hong Kong Office Furniture Designer | Webber

Buying furniture for office and arranging it wisely is really important. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. Your office furniture should truly reflect your business. For instance, if you are running a business that is related to entertainment or daily buzz, you must have a colorful environment. Hence, you may consider buying colorful furniture. In this way, you can sort out your office furniture according to your business. A brilliant décor and furniture also keep the interest of employees. Working in an environment that has a great ambiance and comfortable furniture increases productivity. Webber is the leading office furniture Hong Kong website. You can certainly get your perfect furniture from Webber.

What Shall You Buy?

Soft and comfortable working environment is more like a fundamental requirement of all the employees. One cannot expect effectiveness and efficiency if the environment is unpleasant in any way. So, it is essential to make wise decisions while buying your office furniture. Here is a list of furniture that you must include in your office furniture Hong Kong. These are:

Desks and Workstation

Well, you cannot ask your employees to keep their laptops or computer on their laps. You need to buy a workstation and desk for all of your employees. Before heading to buy desks or workstations, you must have an approximate count of the number of employees you have, or you will be having in your workplace. Make sure that the quality of the desk is not at all compromised. Office furniture is more like on time investment. So, make sure the furniture you choose to has a long-lasting shelf life.


Having chairs in your offices is definitely as important as having tables. Buying the right type of chairs is really important. You must make sure that the chairs are entirely comfortable as your employees will have to stick to it for a longer duration. A comfortable desk and chair increase the effectiveness of an employee. Apart from just being comfortable, a chair should also be of decent quality.

Filing Cabinets

All of the offices dealing with papers. Buying a filing cabinet will help you and your employees to keep the tables mess free. Filing cabinets can also assist in maintaining documents in an organized way. It also prevents the loss of papers. You may choose filing cabinet according to your needs. There are lateral as well as vertical filling cabinets. So, if your office has a small space, you want a lateral cabinet. It gets fixed under the table and does save a lot of space for you.

Lamps and Lights

Do I really need to mention this? Lights and lamps are extremely important as well. Working under dim lighting conditions is absolutely tough for anyone. So, lamps and light will help the employees to work even in the night time. Such arrangements will only increase your productivity.

These were some really basic things that you must have in your office. You can choose the right furniture for your office when you have the right plans ready in your brain. Things become easy when you already visualize what is to bought and where it needs to be arranged. It is really important to arrange your furniture nicely. Organizing it properly will make your workplace look bigger and neat. Just stuffing your workplace with furniture can make the area suffocated as well as congested. You may also avoid putting a workstation beside a window. This will distract the attention of the employee.

Visit Webber for all your office supplies and furniture. We have the finest quality furniture. Webber has been working to provide you with your dream workplace for 50 years. So, you may take full advantage of the experience they hold. Webber is an Office furniture Hong Kong website. You can order the fine and beautiful furniture from anywhere and anytime.

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Worldwide Excellent Business, our Brilliance is Everlasting as our Responsibility to society
Worldwide Excellent Business, our Brilliance is Everlasting as our Responsibility to society


With over 50 years experience in workspace solution, Webber & Nickel integrated of design, manufacturing and marketing of steel and system furniture in Asia Pacific and worldwide. All steel furniture, filing storage and system furniture are developed and engineered at its ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified production facility in China. Our plant operates with over 700 workers, covered on 50,000 square meters of production area.

The “WEBBER” meaning of Worldwide Excellent Business, our Brilliance is Everlasting as our Responsibility to society. With our reputable products and services, we have built a wide distributor throughout the world.

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Our Products

WEBBER offers comprehensive furniture and storage product ranges to the markets of Office, IT, Education and Public facilities.


*Celebrating 58 Years!* 🎉

*Celebrating 58 Years!* 🎉

Welcome to our website! This year, we are honored to celebrate the 58th anniversary of our company. Over the years, we have been committed to the core values of *transparency, **openness, **learning, **growth, and **gratitude*, striving to provide exceptional service to our customers.

🔹 Transparency: In our operations, we maintain open and sincere communication, building relationships of trust. Transparent management fosters confidence in our customers, employees, and partners, ensuring the achievement of common goals.

🔹 Openness: We embrace innovation and diverse perspectives to achieve higher goals. By constantly seeking new methods and ideas, we ensure that we can meet the changing demands of the market.

🔹 Learning: We value the enhancement of knowledge and skills, continuously learning to adapt to industry changes. Through training and education, we ensure that our employees possess the most advanced professional knowledge, providing the best solutions for our customers.

🔹 Growth: We encourage personal and professional growth in our employees, creating greater value for the company. In this environment full of opportunities, we support team members in pursuing excellence and achieving their career goals.

🔹 Gratitude: We cherish every customer and partner, appreciating their support for the company. Throughout this 58-year journey, their trust and loyalty have enabled us to thrive.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to building a bright future together! 🤝

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WEBBER's Successful Participation in the 51st China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) - A Recap

WEBBER's Successful Participation in the 51st China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) - A Recap

At the 51st China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou), WEBBER showcased their innovative concept of "Infinite Storage in a Creative Space." With diverse structural shapes and dynamic geometric transformations, they enhanced the sense of spatial transparency. Minimalist elements provided agility and energy to the space, while the clean appearance offered relief and relaxation to busy office environments. Pursuing overall harmony and unity, simplicity is not merely simplistic, but rather retains the essence. The display presented modern symbols, irregular geometric shapes, and a unique logo. Rich in color, including pure blue, vibrant yellow, elegant gray, and immaculate white, the palette was fully expressed. WEBBER's booth became a focal point that delighted visitors.

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