• 2019-03-17
    On March 17, Webber participated in the wisdom travel foundation’s wisdom travel 2019. Our company has participated in this meaningful activity in previous years. This year, we will continue to participate in it. Let’s put wisdom into action together and make the sunshine more warm. More To: htt...
  • 2017-10-30
    恭賀WEBBER獲得2016年香港工商業獎”生產力及品質”的優異證書。 香港工商業獎被譽為“香港工商業奧斯卡”,能成為第一家獲此殊榮的鋼制辦公傢俱公司是我們WEBBER員工的光榮。  企業通過立項管理,改變生產模式,縮短制程週期,投入設備配套生產,定崗定員成線作業,關鍵崗位設置質檢員全檢, 制程設立質檢員巡檢等一系列措施,提升生產力達50%,提高出貨準時率48%,人工成本從之前每個貨櫃降低50%。